We do a monthly project for women photographers on Instagram.  
The images from previous months themes can be seen at: www.instagram.com/womeninphotography
For each monthly theme, which is indicated on our instagram account, please send the following in an email the to: bill.price@womeninfocusinternational.com 
· One of your photos as a jpeg attachment to be posted
· Your full name
· One of your web site links that you want posted (your website, Facebook, other)
· Any hashtags you want added to the list below.
I normally post these hashtags with each photo: #visualsoflife #womeninphotography #inspiration #photo #photos #pic #pics #picture #photographer #pictures #snapshot #art #beautiful #photoshoot #photodaily #nature #photography
Bill will post 12 photos a day in the order he receives them to the Women in Photography Instagram account at: www.instagram.com/womeninphotography
Thank you for considering participation this month.

- Gittel

Submit Your Photos for Online Gallery

Please submit your photos to portfolio manager upon your 2017 membership renewal. You may submit up to 4 images.

 Resolution: 1000 pixels maximum on the longest side/72 dpi. Filenames: yourname_imagename.jpg

Include a brief artist statement and your website address

Remember to renew your membership for 2017!

Remember to renew your membership for 2017!